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The creator of Passitpro, Idelle Datlof, MSW, LISW-S, spent many hours face-to-face tutoring social workers one at a time with this question in mind, and figured it out. Test-takers focus their brain power on the four answer choices, discover that more than one answer seems right and get stuck.

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The sample question below illustrates how it is likely, that more than one answer can sound “reasonable” on the exam.
Often, when you quickly just “know” the answer you can just figure it out or “go with your gut” for an answer. 

Passitpro’s Online License course will give you a third alternative for the tougher questions: the tools to
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Susan is an alcoholic who has been sober for one year.
She was referred to a social worker by her employer’s EAP.

Lately, she has been coming in late in the mornings and
has been uncharacteristically short-tempered and irritable
with her supervisor. Her workplace is downsizing and
many employees are anxious about possible layoffs.

As a priority, the SW should address and:

A) Refer her for a medical evaluation to rule out physical causes for these behavior changes.

B) Begin a thorough assessment of all the factors that may be contributing to these changes.

C) Perform an assessment to identify any current substance use.

D) Discuss Susan's feelings and reactions to the increased tensions at the workplace.

SAmple exam question

SAmple exam answers

There is a rule in Social Work that evidence of – either past or present – alcohol or drugs must be addressed as a priority. Therefore the correct answer is “C”. Notice how “A” and “D” are reasonable choices.

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