Social Work Exam Prep

93% of our students pass and so can you!

Learn with professional social workers who have taken the exam and know the ins and outs of answering ASWB exam questions effectively! Our course and online programs teach you the best methods of studying and mastering the situational questions presented on the exam. Our comprehensive online program, webinars, tutoring, and detective test-taking method will help you approach the exam with confidence. 

90-Day Online Course

Grab a coffee and learn from the comfort of your own home! Passitpro's 6.5-hour online course will explain the fundamental topics that will be covered in the ASWB exam. Our course covers, in-depth, our effective test-taking method for mastering the multiple choice format on the exam. The course is available 24/7 for 90 days so you can study and practice wherever you want at your convenience.

Test Readiness Sessions with Passipro's Experts

Concerned that you won't have the same experience online as you would in class? We provide live training catered to you. During this session, we will uncover our secret method to answering ASWB's exam questions using Passipro's unique detective method. We guarantee that, after a session with one of our expert teachers, you'll see improvement in your test-taking ability!

Practice Exam Questions 

After each of our five course sections, we provide a 10-question quiz so you can practice the concepts you just learned - practice makes perfect! If you follow along with our program and content, we will share more practice questions so you can master the test. We also offer an additional 170-question practice exam so you can test your knowledge! 

Tutoring and Extra Help

If you need extra help or more time to study, Passitpro offers additional tutoring services and course extensions that any Passitpro student can purchase. Tutoring includes personalized instruction from a Passitpro expert teacher are offered in hourly increments and course extensions are offered in 30-day increments. Learn about tutoring and course benefits with our course guarantee!

What else is included?

Passitpro gives you the advantage of personalized instruction on top of the convenience of online learning. What else could Passitpro possibly provide?

Passitpro students can also receive:

  • Webinars going over test-taking tips, social work material and concepts

  • Learning resources and strategies for better test taking

  • Course extensions (see our course guarantee!)

  • Access to even more exclusive resources and practice questions

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