Social work covers so much territory. Where do I start?

Passitpro has carefully selected the material you need to know.The 5 hour online course presents the essential content, and explains it all in language that is clear and straightforward.

Examples are given to help you translate facts into the clinical situations presented in the application questions, the most common format used in all versions of the test.

I can't find a local course that fits my work schedule. Is Passitpro always available for me?

Once purchased, you will have course access for 90 days. Whenever you are available, you have a reserved seat. The 5 hour social work license exam prep online course has both audio and slides - plus an additional 90 minute video on our unique test-taking method. It is available 24/7 so you can study and practice at your convenience. You can listen to and read it again and again. Frequent review and repetition is very helpful to assist your memory retention of all the content presented.

I have been studying hard, but not sure if I'm ready to take the test. Do I need to work directly with a teacher who knows the test?

Yes, our expert teachers will be there to help you! During the "Live" training session in the Pro version she will answer your questions, and assess your readiness to take the social work exam – and teach you a deliberate, effective method to use to master the multiple-choice format.

I usually can get the answers down to two, but struggle to choose between them. What do I need to learn to help me select the correct answer?

Passitpro will teach you the method to avoid this dreaded problem.

There are keys and clues embedded in the questions that when understood can reveal the thinking behind each question. The "stem" of the question (the narrative part) is your friend, your ally. We will teach you specific skills to be a skilled detective and identify the central concept in each question that you are being tested on.

Do you only serve students in Ohio?

Passitpro works with social workers who are preparing for one of the ASWB exams in any and every state. The ASWB exams are the same everywhere!.

Is this the right course for my test in my state?

Yes, the tests are national and the same in every state. This includes the Bachelor's, Master's, Clinical and Advanced Generalist tests. These are the tests for all the social work licenses ASWB exam for LSW, LMSW, LCSW, LISW.

Do I need additional books, study guides, or other materials?

We recommend that you obtain a copy of the current DSM-5 for the Masters and Clinical exams. Select the smaller desk reference not the big one. We also recommend purchasing ASWB's sample test after you have completed Passitpro's course. You are eligible to purchase it only after you have registered. The fee is $85.00. You can find more info at www.aswb.org. This is the only site where you can purchase these tests. (Beware: there are many books and websites that use the letters "ASWB" on their materials, but they are not from the authors of the tests).

Which version of Passitpro's course is right for me?

The basic version differs from the "Plus" version in that one hour of live (via Skype) training is provided in "Plus". If you are troubled by test anxiety, have failed the exam previously, are not a native English speaker, or describe yourself as a "bad test-taker", we suggest the Plus version.